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At Crypto Games [read review] players are given an opportunity to invest in any of the house bankrolls. For every cryptocurrency earned by the player during the game, there will be a unique and independent bankroll. The player can escalate the bankrolls and the maximum profit earned per bet, at the time of investing.

Profit is not always ensured due to deviations. The player may even face a loss all his/her cryptocurrencies during short-term investment. The profit/loss that is gained/lost by the player is determined by the fraction of bankrolls invested by him/her.

How much can you Profit?

The long- term profit is determined by the 70% of the product of player's bankroll percentage, house edge and the total wagered. This just gives an estimate of your long-profit. As it is visible, the faucets and referral awards are not factored in. One should always keep in mind that the bankroll percentage, house edge and total wagered are subjected to change, in the case of new investment and disinvestment.

Crypto Games take the 30% of the player's profit/loss incurred in the 1-hour interval. Faucets and referral awards are also counted in the player's total profit/loss.

The short-term profit/loss i.e. the profit/loss incurred in an hour is determined by considering the variables changed in the past hour only. However, an additional divest fee is charged for the short-term investments to prevent any abuses. The fee charged is:

• 0.3% for investments less than 7 days,
• 0.2% for investments less than 14 days,
• and 0.1% for less than 21 days.

No divest fees is charged for a period longer than 21 days.

Minimum Investment

The minimum amount you can invest can be either 0.01 Bitcoin, 0.5 Ether, 1 Dash, 1 Litecoin, 1 Monero, 20,000 Dogecoin, 10 Peercoin, or 1,000 GridCoin
The funds invested by the player are stored in cold wallets securely. Some amount is stored in the hot wallet for faster withdrawals. If the player wants to withdraw a large amount, then he/she shall wait for a day, as the amount is to be transferred from cold to the hot wallet.

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