Mega Moolah Jackpot is over 16,000,000 Euro!

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The Bitcoin Casino jackpot has now hit μɃ 2,900,000,000!. The rise is likely to lead into a new World Record jackpot winning shortly. The British Pound is Mega Moolah’s base currency. However, winners can cash in their win in some currencies since a player wins in their currency of play. The number of players and spins on the game increases with the increase in the prize amount. It is essential to understand how the Mega Progressive jackpot works to create a detailed understanding of the rapid growth of the jackpot amount.

The Mega Moolah JackpotThere are four progressives in the Mega Moolah slot. Mini, Minor, Major and Mega starting from the lowest to the highest. Mega Moolah uses your slots in a slightly different way to make up for a winner’s jackpot payout. Normally, on a standard slot, the amount you pay goes into paying winners while the remaining amounts are the profit to the casino for that particular game. However, in the Mega Moolah, most of your stake is used to pay winners, which explains why with each spin, there is a substantial increase in the jackpot amount.

The progressive jackpot attracts more players for some reasons. Firstly, players are motivated to play more often, thus increasing the slots and the number of spins, and consequently the jackpot amount. The jackpot amount can stagnate during the initial stages but record fast growth at advanced stages. The Random Number Generator (RNG) produces codes for every spin which help determine a winner.

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