Enter a FREE Raffle for FREE Bitcoin at BitCasino

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Participate at a free Bitcoin raffle at Bitcasino
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Participate at a free Bitcoin raffle at Bitcasino
People now have the opportunity to participate in a raffle through Bitcasino. Unlike many raffles, this one has a completely free entry. There will be a total of 200 winners possible with this raffle, so the participants are going to have much more of a chance of succeeding than they would with many other raffles. Winners will get their fair share of 2 BTC. Each of the 200 winners will get 10 MBTC.

This is a Bitcoin giveaway that is going to be better than what most players are going to be able to get from most other sources. People will either need to use their existing accounts or set up new accounts with the Bitcasino in order to participate in this Bitcoin raffle, and that is the only thing that they will need by way of an entry procedure. People can even look into the previous raffle results from September for reference.

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Posted: July 09th, 2019
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